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Social Media = Better Access to Resources

Many countries are using social media as a tool. This tool is being used to fuel social change. The most prominent example I have read is how a woman in a district in Mexico can “tweet” a complaint to the mayor and within a matter of hours she can get a response from one of his representatives. Many of these complaints are being “tweeted” about. People are tweeting about their access to electricity, water, and resources. I wonder if access to people, such a mayor, been this easy prior to social media? I believe that social media is making it easier for communities to speak up about their problems. One status or one tweet might get shared or retweeted when others feel the same about a cause.

Thinking back to early 2000, if I, as a fourth grader, had a complaint about the local government, I had to formally write a letter. These letters I wrote were never addressed. I believe that the internet is forcing leaders to address immediate problems. Our way of thinking is changing. These new terms such as “selfie” and “hashtag” are becoming part of everyday life.


Social media is spreading ideas. There is this organization called Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER), which connects women from Somalia who are living in the refugee camp in Kenya to women across the world via Facebook. Women in the refugee camps can reach out for advice internationally about school work to how to change their government. Social Media is amazing resource that allows better access to information.


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Hello! My name is Kelly Joy and I am currently a graduate student at University of Pennsylvania in the Reading, Writing and Literacy Program! Last semester I had to contribute to a blog called EducationNow!. This blog allowed me to explore the different educational issues throughout the world. International education is a major interest of mine. Over winter break I was able to study in India. I was able to visit many different schools and orphanages. The students told me that they wished they had better access to clean drinking water and to wifi. They explained that they wished they had technology in the classroom. One student explained that technology would really benefit their future. I am hoping throughout my digital literacies course I am able to gain a greater understanding about technology in the classroom. 1551664_10153726385845074_2089252144_n