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Cyberbaiting is on the rise

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cyberbaitingCyberbaiting is one of the latest trends from technology. Students bring their phones to class and use them while the teacher is teaching. Recently students have been trying to get their teachers to resort to melt downs by provoking them. The students’ behavior in the classroom is detrimental to learning. One teacher attempted to engaged his students but his students had another plan. They wanted to ignore him until the point of a breakdown. The students caught the breakdown on video. Following the leak of the video the teacher was fired. Cyberbaiting is the form of cyberbullying that many teachers experience throughout the world. It has been reported from over twenty-four different countries.

This form of bullying is causing teachers around the world to get fired for their outbursts and reactions to the students taunts. Many university students have admitted to taking pictures of their teachers in high school unknowingly while they are teaching. According to Bridgetwater State University it is estimated around 20 percent of boys and 13 percent of girls took part in this in high school.

This rarely occurs in elementary schools. That said, many students are receiving cell phones and iPod touches at an earlier age. I am afraid that this might start happening to elementary school teachers. I also believe that this reinforces the need to establish classroom rules and enhance classroom management skills.

Many websites offer the following suggestions:

– Creating classroom rules against the usage of cell phones or iPods

-Have an open conversation about the pros and cons about digital tools

-Don’t friend or follow students on social media

-Have a plan in place if this occurs


With Cyberbaiting occurring to around 1/5 teachers-I believe it is a growing problem. Should schools be educating their students and teachers more on social media risks? Where does the responsibility fall?

I feel that teachers should be getting fired based on their lack of classroom management skills not for the videos or photos that circulate. Being a teacher is knowing how to manage a classroom effectively in order to teach the content. I feel that schools need better training in technology and social media in order to prevent cyberbaiting from occurring. There is always a time where you may lose your patience.


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