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Technology and the Classroom

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How important is it to know how to use technology as a teacher? I think about this constantly throughout my day. The students in rural India were desperate to get their hands on some sort of technology for the classroom. They wanted to prepare to get a high paying job. Are higher paying jobs linked to one’s knowledge surrounding technology? Specifically in India the highest paying job is a software developer. It didn’t surprise me that the other high paying careers required vast knowledge on computers.

Our world is constantly evolving. Tumblebooks  and Study Island are two of the favorites digital programs I have seen in classrooms. Study Island is a program that many teachers allow their students to use in their spare time. One summer I tutored a student in middle school. This was when I was first introduced to Study Island. I watched the student as she went through level 7 in math. She took her time on each question trying to get the best possible answer. I thought back to when I was in middle school. If we were ever given anything on the computer I probably wouldn’t have taken my time on it. I would have rushed through without paying attention to my mistakes. She consciously went through all of her mistakes reading about how to improve her score. I was fascinated by how she took her time while using something on the computer. I started to see the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

When I was working in a second grade classroom I was told to use Tumblebooks. Tumblebooks is an interactive tool that engages students with books by making it animated. The books use the same words but it is formatted to be more like a short film. I would play Tumblebooks during snack time and the students were entranced with the story.

I believe that technology does have a place in the classroom. I am hoping that there will be more advances on creative lesson plans for technology in the classroom.


Sharma, V 2014 Technology in school education.

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