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Are we making a difference by using social media to promote causes?

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I felt that I need to reflect if I am contributing to Slacktivism. Am I doing all I can by just simply spreading a picture? Can just liking a picture create change or is it just a way to feel that I am helping change something? Is signing a petition really going to get the cause anywhere? Is social media contributing to a  less effective way of changing the world? Are we using social media in the wrong way?

I feel that the changing platform for social justice causes is creating less effort. Participants that would have in early 2000 might go door to door for petitions or hang fliers now can just copy and paste a link. When I check my Facebook newsfeed I am bombarded with pictures of people holding signs. These signs usually say something along the lines of “If you like this my father will stop smoking” “1 like= Beating Cancer” “1 Like will save this puppy’s life”. Are we becoming so jaded by seeing these causes on the internet?

I am skeptical to this new term. I believe that when I posted pictures that had thought provoking signs, I was causing people to wonder what the signs meant. I had many Facebook users ask me questions about modern day slavery. Are we overusing Facebook to promote everyone’s cause? Throughout the end of this semester I will be critically thinking about the pros and cons of promoting social justice causes on Facebook.



Herrera, J (2014). Can you reticent #endworldhunger?

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