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Social Media Users Switching to Smaller Digital Communities

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140118153056-rs-politics-of-snapchat-story-topCNN recently featured an article titled “Social media users migrating to smaller circles”  Think about five years ago. How long did you tend to spend on Facebook? Looking at how much time I spent in high school, to now, has changed dramatically. I barely use Facebook. I have come to realize I only check for my friend’s engagements or baby announcements. Has our world really transformed to spreading exciting news via the Internet instead of using the mail? One of the smaller social media apps is Snap-chat. Snap-chat allows me to type limited messages to my friends with a picture. If I am mad about something I can take a picture of my face with a caption that explains my emotion. I feel that Facebook lost its personal touch. In the article it discusses how many of the young users are looking toward the coolest new apps. The social media site MySpace was the coolest site at one point and then faded away. Maybe Facebook will eventually change to keep up with the appeal of younger users. Is Facebook at risk for becoming something in the past?

“Smaller social media spaces, especially specific to an area of interest or a skill, can become an alternative, where users can create a manageable social network, where they can invest in interpersonal relationships,” (CNN 2014)

Personally I can’t keep up with every single friend on Facebook. I get lost in the “Tweets” through Twitter. Snap-chat only includes my friends that are on my phone and keep up with on a daily basis. Having thousands of Facebook friends makes it hard to keep up with personal relationships. By using Snap-chat I know my close friends are doing okay.

Jay Baer explained his version of social media sites:

“LinkedIn is for people you know, Facebook is for people you used to know, Twitter is for people you want to know.”

I wonder how social media sites will look five years from now……



Gross, D. (2014). Social media users migrating to smaller circles.

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