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Hello! My name is Kelly! Teaching is my passion! Teaching and learning enriches the soul. I believe we never stop learning. I am addicted to traveling and have literally been around the world. I am from a town 20 miles north of Boston called Danvers. I have had wonderful teachers that have shown me what it takes to be a great teacher. I am currently working toward my second graduate degree in International Relations in Economics and Consulting. I received my Master of Science in Education from University of Pennsylvania.

I pursued my degree in Elementary Education at Loyola University Chicago. While in Chicago, I student-taught in a kindergarten, seventh grade and fourth grade classroom. I tutored middle school students in math and elementary school students in language arts. I attended many volleyball games, played football at recess and created “Ms. Joy’s corner”. Ms. Joy’s Corner is where students were able to talk with me about anything on their mind. I worked individually with students throughout the Chicago Public Schools on improving their knowledge on math and reading. In 2011, I helped fifth grade students put on a community play about math.

I was an intern at a start-up company called Leap Start International Educational Exchange. In August 2013, I received a scholarship to get my M.S.Ed in Reading, Writing and Literacy from University of Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania allowed me to see that literacy is everywhere. I created curriculums based on inquiry, engaging lesson plans, and how to implement writer’s workshops. I have been trained on how to assess literacy in the classroom. I traveled to Mangalore, India with Penn, and learned about the different ways schools allow students to form their own identities. I got to observe a second grade and fifth grade classroom. I learned how to have a student-centered approach to teaching. I know each student learns differently, therefore I try to always incorporate different forms of teaching in my lessons. I am always positive, outgoing and understanding.

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