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How can we transform the field of education?

During the opening for “Writing out loud” conference by the Philadelphia Writing Project, I began contemplating what it meant to be a contemporary educator. Meenoo Rami explain to us, that we must celebrate stories in the classroom. By celebrating each story in the classroom, we are showing the “best potential” of human life. The introduction of this new concept, importance of story telling, was a breath of fresh air.

How do teachers implement stories in the classroom? Social media is one way for students to express stories in their life. It gives them the tools to explain moments in their life in the form of pictures, words, emoticons and hashtags. When we are telling stories in the classroom, we are exposing reality life. What do we like about movies, television, books and using social media? Each media form tells us a story of some sort. We, as humans, are intrigued by stories. Stories captivate us and challenge our old ways of thinking.

Being a contemporary educator means making dialogue between educators more transparent. Networking and spreading ideas online is a great way for the field of education to evolve.

I have decided to give in to all of social media. I started this course not knowing how to use Instagram and Twitter. I see all of the benefits of the use of these social media sites. Why aren’t we taking more advantage of social media? I think since we are well into the 21st century, teachers need to begin adopting new ways to implement technology in the classroom. What are the key ingredients to become innovators in the field of education? Is it collaboration and inquiry? Professional development? I am beginning my own personal journey into trying to have a voice in the field of education through social media.